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Mar 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
the indiana attorney general. and with that i give you michael bloom, our moderator. thank you. [applause] >> thanks, and good afternoon. this panel, i suspect, will be very interesting and informative and let's get to it. we're going to talk about fraud directed at the elderly, and a natural question is, why do we have a special panel on fraud on the elderly? and there is research that concerns particular vulnerabilities that older folks have that make them more susceptible than others to certain kinds of frauds. and i'd like to start with betsy, about some of the research that the aarp may have done concerning those vulnerabilities and if you could give us those factors that make older folks more vulnerable perhaps to the frauds we have been talking abouted to. >> it's on. okay. i want to -- there are not a great many statistics about how many elderly are victimized but we know that elderly financial abuse is dramatically underreported. maybe 24 people are victimized for every one that is reported to any kind of a criminal or social service agency. and it's probably the most
Mar 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
this year. >> evansville, indiana. go ahead. >> caller: actually, i think the problem started in the '80s, before 1980, the private sector, about 20 2 to 30% were union inch the 80s, those job headed south in the nonunion states and created the rust belt. and then we had nafta. those jobs went to mexico. union job pays more. you got to have people making enough money to pay income tax and most people don't make enough with the deductions they can talk, and if you're a consumer, they drive the economy. and right now the union part in the private sector, is 4 to 5%, and i think that's part of the problem. >> host: what do you think? >> guest: well, interesting point. i think the caller is right that in the '8s, the manufacturing sector got hit very hard, particularly in the upper midwest, mark ohio, indiana. those jobs went the south in the '90s, those jobs went to mexico and the emerging world, not only because of nafta but because of the china came on the scene and other emerging economies that were very competitive. so i think that description is -- there's a lot of twists to it and
Mar 1, 2012 11:00pm EST
grow from crawfordsville indiana. i met him for the first time just a few weeks ago. this is not a gotcha kind of letter but i want you to respond to it. appreciate if mike democrat as well as republican colleagues would appreciate what it's saying. this is after he talked about the 12 servicemembers who work natively electrocuted because of faulty wiring and battle attrition by defense contractors. station in the green zone i was assigned a living trailer that is joined a trailer too young contractors and it points. chipping there for while i struck up a conversation and found out they had a job running a network cable. when asked how they'd like to face it was so great to be working there and he was making over $3000 per year plus all expenses and he bragged if he could stay there for three years he would able to put $1 million in the bank and retire before he turned 30. another example, one of the officers befriended a contractor in one day she came to him in tears. he was an honest girl and couldn't understand why her boss was telling her to mark down eight hours on a time she
Mar 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
% nationally, 9% in my home state of indiana. our national debt has grown to more than $15 trillion. this scenario brings great pressure on the country's financial obligations and places the economy at some risk. in this context, the dollars available for a global developments will necessarily be limited. the task before us today is to ask whether our government uses those dollars as efficiently as possible to achieve the most benefits for u.s. foreign policy and development goals. our foreign assistance should be targeted as sustainable development promoting self-sufficiency and produces demonstrable results. ideally, also supports strengthening of democratic democracies and promote the rule of law in those democracies. as the path allows nations to rely on the world stage, it's important we be of assistance. the administration identified global food security, global house, and global climate change as the highest priorities for our development assistance this year. historically, there's been broad support for the united states' participation in international efforts to feed vulner
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4